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Why your digital marketing strategy isn’t working

shutterstock_362055323If you own, manage or market an orthodontist practice and aren’t receiving the type of customer flow you desire, the culprit might be your digital marketing strategy. Digital marketing is so broad encompassing that it can become confusing to those who haven’t made it into their career.

Our digital marketing experts know which strategies are effective. We also understand the digital marketing methods that are most appropriate for orthodontic practices. Our digital marketing gurus sidestep the traps that commonly trip up those who aren’t familiar with the subtleties of this rapidly evolving advertising method.

Digital Marketing Should be Centered on Content

Though banner ads, e-mail marketing and conventional outbound advertising each play an important role in connecting with customers, online content has become increasingly important throughout the past half-decade. It is no longer enough to build a basic website, create an e-mail sign-up form and generate ads for traditional offline media.

Nowadays, customers desire to be engaged with meaningful online content. Examples of such content include helpful blog posts, informative videos, and an expansive website with considerable depth. This content should be of particular use to prospective patients. It must help solve their oral health problems, provide insight into orthodontics and simultaneously promote your practice.

Digital Marketing Should Target Specific Personas

The old-fashioned outbound marketing method of advertising to the masses through TV, newspapers, radio and magazines is quickly being replaced by inbound marketing. It does not make sense to market to everyone in your community if certain demographics require your services. Inbound marketing allows these service-seekers to come to you. Paying for a broad-based digital marketing campaign that doesn’t narrowly target those who are most likely to require orthodontic treatment is a waste of your limited marketing dollars. Digital marketing companies know all the tricks in terms of how to reach these valued patients in the most efficient way possible.

Flawed Search Engine Optimization Tactics

A surprising number of business owners and marketing managers believe that loading up their online content with industry-specific keywords will drastically improve their website’s search engine optimization (SEO). This approach actually has the potential to backfire as search engines now penalize websites for abusing keywords in an attempt to shoot up the search engine rankings.

A much more nuanced approach implemented by a team of experienced digital marketing experts is necessary. SEO practices and strategies are dynamic, meaning they are constantly changing in response to alterations made by those in charge of search engine algorithms. The SEO tactics that worked five years ago no longer work today.

Any old Pay-per-click Marketing Campaign will not Suffice

Though pay-per-click marketing with Google AdWords certainly has the potential to attract a steady flow of patients, it won’t yield the desired results if improperly implemented. Oftentimes, business owners will pour hundreds or thousands of dollars into a Google AdWords campaign only to reap little benefit. Our digital marketing firm understands the intricacies of Google AdWords.  This marketing method is extremely complex. We know what works and what doesn’t.