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shutterstock_127883213Both SEO and SEM are marketing tactics used to make websites more prominently featured online and to bring more people to the sites. SEM stands for search engine marketing, and it covers a wide range of techniques used to market a website. SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is about optimizing the website to get it ranked better with search engines

How Does SEO Work?

When most people think about search engine optimization, they think about using keywords in the text of the website. However, there is much more to this practice than simply keywords. Using complex language, having in-depth information and using words related to the main keywords are all important for today’s search engine optimization.

SEO is used for bringing people to your site from search engines. It is sometimes called organic marketing because it uses the power of search engines rather than advertising to bring in readers. With effective optimization, your site can be found early in the search results for specific search terms and bring in many more visitors than if the site were found further into the search engine results.

Using SEO Tactics

Search engine optimization also uses tags to communicate directly with search engines. In addition to tagging, most SEO experts suggest expanding a website to make it larger and more complex in order to attract more readers and more attention from search engines. Search engine optimization is just one part of an overall SEM strategy.

What is SEM?

With search engine marketing, SEO is used alongside other techniques such as the design of the website itself, blogs used to advertise the main site and pay-per-click ads.

The Web design used for your site contributes to your marketing efforts by making the site highly functional and easy for a wide variety of users to use. It should be easy to navigate and packed with information.

Blogging in SEM

Blogging is another effective way to market a website. The blog not only allows for more keywords to be used and more information to be offered, it also expands the size of the website and brings in readers who want the information being blogged about. Blogging about various aspects of orthodontia can keep bringing readers back to the site and build word of mouth about your practice.

Using paid traffic from ads is another effective way to market your site. Using pay-per-click advertising brings you highly targeted traffic. Google AdWords is the standard in PPC advertising, and it has been shown to be a highly effective way to bring in targeted traffic. It is also a cost-effective marketing method.

By using a variety of these marketing tactics, you can bring in traffic both from search engines and from specialized ads. It’s a comprehensive strategy for building a strong readership for your website.