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How To Survive Google Algorithm Changes With Balanced SEO …

shutterstock_320507957SEO and online marketing are complex enough, without adding Google’s periodic surprise updates to the mix. With another one rumored to be in the works for the next couple of months, there are several things you should be doing to ensure that your orthodontic practice maintains it’s online visibility.

Focus On Quality

All of the recent changes in Google and other search engines have been based on quality. Link quality, content quality, and search results quality are driving all of the changes to search. Search engines are working hard to ensure that internet users get high quality results that really answer their questions.

Your first course of action should always be to make sure that all incoming and outgoing links are high quality, that all of the content you place on your website is useful and informative.

Balance Your Marketing and SEO Practices

Another key factor in ensuring that your traffic does not take a nose dive when search engines change their search algorithms is to take a balanced approach to online marketing.

We have found that customers who diversify their traffic sources are least likely to see significant drops in their results, and may actually benefit from changes in search. Here are a few of the strategies we recommend incorporating:

  • On site SEO
  • Website design, with a focus on high quality coding and user experience
  • Blogging and content generation
  • Inbound marketing including social media
  • Targeted, customer persona focused PPC ads

Why Diversifying Works

The reason we recommend that our clients diversify and balance their SEO strategies is that it works. The reason it works is that if you have several streams of traffic generation, and a algorithm change affects one or two of them, you will still receive the same traffic from the others. That means that you will still get some of the traffic you normally would, and that there will be time to rectify problems.

Tracking Is Critical

The final piece of the puzzle for your orthodontics practice is to track all of your traffic sources, and generate a history of where your visitors come from, and why they visit your site. If you have a baseline or average for each traffic stream, it is much easier to determine where the problem areas are, if any, when the next algorithm change strikes.

Make sure that you know how you are being found, and what you’re doing right, so that you can keep doing only what works. That way, you will get more bang for your marketing buck, and your website will keep bringing in qualified patients in your area.